The Orschwiller-Kintzheim winery, small winery created in 1957 has become a wine cooperative of 80 wine growers, using sustainable winegrowing.
We use traditional wine-making made with cutting-edge equipment. We made some investments in 2012 to equip our cellar with brand new equipment : AISI 316 stainless steel tanks, heat pumps and innovative and eco-friendly geothermal energy system that enables heating or cooling of the tanks. This equipment helps us preserving the aromatic potential of our wines, and to keep them all year long at 13°C controlled temperature.
All those investments are part of the winery's environmentally friendly policy : on one hand we are able to realize energy savings, on the other hand we can reduce our carbon footprint.
We also make bottles made from recycled glass, as well as packaging 100% recyclable, made from entirely recycled fibers.

The commitment of the winery to quality and its modern equipment enables us to have our know-how acknowledged every year at the different wine competitions (Paris, Mâcon, Colmar).

In 2013, our wines have been awarded by 27 gold medals.