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Strong foothold in the terroir & territory

Our #UnionofTalents is located in the stronghold of the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, in the heart of the Wine Road, which gives a strong foothold in the terroir and territory. It is those anchorage and this authenticity that gives to our wines this exceptional and typical characteristics from the Cave Vinicole “Les Faîtières” d’Orschwiller-Kintzheim.

Environmentally friendly wines

In line with our initiative towards a sustainable future, we are also in organic conversion since the 2020 harvest.
The Cave Vinicole “Les Faîtières” d’Orschwiller Kintzheim offers environmentally friendly wines:  
  • April 2021: New tangential filtration system totally automatic in order to preserve at best the wine’s aromatic potential,  first cave equipped in Alsace.
  • A geothermal energy system for energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint
These projects are led by our commitments:
  • The 100% HEV (High Environmental Value) obtained since the 2019 vintage
The HEV certification is built around 4 thematics, that meets the problem of the company’s environmental footprint:
  • Biodiversity
  • Phytosanitary strategy
  • The question of fertilization
  • Water resource

Contemporary wines

The know-how of our #UnionofTalents is recognized through multiple contests and competitions:

  • General Agricole Contest Paris
  • Colmar Contest
  • International Challenge Gilbert & Gaillard
  • International Bruxelles Contest
  • National Crémants Contest
  • Guide Hachette
  • White Wines International Contest
  • World’s Bests Sparkling Wines

Wines with tastes of the day

Through its #UnionofTalents and the quality of the presented wines, The Cave “Les Faîtières d’Orschwiller-Kintzheim” winery is regularly awarded: two of its Cremant d’Alsace have been awarded at the World’s Bests Sparkling Competition 2018 & 2019.

Award of Excellence

In 2017, the Winery has been awarded at the General Agricole Contest of Paris with the Award of Excellence, which recognizes the expertise and the know-how of our #UnionofTalents.


With all these awards (Paris, Macon, Colmar, World’s Best Sparklings…). The Winery continues to shine through its terroir and know-how.


Union of Winemakers

* alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation

5 major principles

The Orschwiller-Kintzheim “Les Faîtières” Winery is based on 5 major principles:

Wines 100% vinified

100% made at the property wines


A strong foothold on the Haut-Koenigsbourg territory

60 years, over 3 generations

Common expertise for 60 years, over 3 generations


The #UnionofTalents of wine-makers is the keyword

Accessible & popular

An accessible & popular offer