Our Land


Village in the stronghold of the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, in the heart of the Wine Road. Orschwiller is where we produce, vinify and elaborate at 100% our Wines & Crémants d’Alsace.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

The Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, a genuine symbol of the anchorage in the fief of the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, overlooks our Winery. Discover our cuvée Les Coteaux du Haut-Koenigsbourg, which reflects our authenticity & modernity, 100% certified High Environmental Value.


Our Cuvée Pinot Gris Château de Kintzheim is a premium & iconic cuvée of our #UnionofTalents, just as the Kintzheim castle, overlooking the Kintzheim village.

Grand cru Praelatenberg

The Grand Cru Praelatenberg, the “Colline des Prélats”, is a real heritage transmission. It’s this know-how that provides his strength & elegance today to our Grand Cru Praelatenberg.
Our Grand Cru Praelatenberg embodies the excellence of our vineyard, and has been highlighted during the project “The Grand Crus in flowers, heading to biodiversity”. This project had the objective to develop the exceptional lands where are the Grand Cru, while bringing biodiversity.

The Cave Vinicole Les Faîtières d'Orschwiller-Kintzheim is divided on 3 villages:

  • Orschwiller, with its iconic Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle
  • Kintzheim with its emblematic Kintzheim Castle
  • Saint-hippolyte, incredible land for our Rouge de Saint-Hippolyte, which gives all its character to our Premium Cuvée.